In Loving Memory of Cooper

DSC_1447.JPGHey it is Lexi! I bet you are wondering who Cooper is! Cooper was my wonderful little puggle fur baby. He was such a cuddle bug. Sadly, he passed away on Saturday, March 28 2020. But our family knows that he crossed over the rainbow bridge and is up in Heaven with our other 2 other dogs, Gavin and Will.  The next day, my family had a ceremony for Cooper and there were a lot of tears as we made a beautiful memorial garden for him.  We were feeling really sad about everything going on in the world and then losing our Cooper-Duper. Then, we started thinking about how much happiness Cooper brought to our family and that we needed to do something that would cheer people up (we needed it too!) So, me, my mom and dad, my sister, and brother went around our neighborhood and passed out “Be Kind signs”. We made sure to wear gloves and carry a small stick to ring the doorbells.  My sister was really fun – she would ring the doorbell, sit the sign down and run like crazy! What I loved was everyone would come out on the porch and say “Thank you.” They would also read the paper and hang it outside so everyone could see! Today, everyone has their signs posted outside in their yard so people can see them when they walk by  because everyone is taking walks now.  People are asking for Be Kind signs and we are excited to deliver! So in memory of Cooper I would love for you all to do two things pray for us- all of us and remember, BE KIND – kind is cool! Also be careful and please stay safe. Remember to self distance yourself. Please follow the rules that the governor said.