Spreading Kindness!

Hi! It’s Lexi! It has been a busy fall and I have a lot to tell you!  “Be Kind “ signs are being made and passed out like crazy! My brothers and I hosted another paint party with friends from our school and my church youth group came to help us paint even more “Be kind” signs. Lots of the signs went to other students in our schools because they signed up for them. So, are you interested in making “Be KInd” signs?!  It’s not too hard – what is really cool is that you get to see how nice people can be and want to be.  I think sometimes people get really busy and don’t think they have time to do things like make signs to pass out.  Or maybe they think what is the big deal??  Making the signs and passing out signs is my FAVORITE thing to do because I LOVE to see people’s faces when they get one.  People start to smile and want to know more about the signs and well, it’s easy – BE KIND to each other!  Are you interested in a paint party??  Here’s what you need to do : 1. Gather materials. 2. Ask your family and friends. 3. Make stations around where you are working.  Here’s how we did it – A group of people painted the black on the sides and let them dry. Then some people painted the white on the front. Other people painted the words BE KIND and the hearts on the front. We let them dry and… the signs were all ready to pass out!!  Everyone who came to help took signs with them – that’s how it goes!  Cool, right?  Remember, KIND IS COOL! Enjoy the pictures.:)


-8120616902500186467.jpg   This is one of my big brothers – sometimes we paint more than just the signs! 🙂  Here is where people got to paint the words and hearts.

-2826458803084618985.jpg  These are my friends from school and church.

-7199176642016617587.jpg This was our painting the sides station.

5492133684150436232.jpg  My cousin painting the signs white – bet you could tell what his job was!

-2491958390088172544.jpg Here’s my other brother with his girlfriend helping out.


7198515873251437407.jpg  The yellow cups were filled with pink and red paint for the hearts.

1350591961360915313.jpg  My mom is holding a water bottle that Ms. Sherry donated.  It was a really hot day and we all got excited when we opened the cooler with waters that had Be Kind labels on them that Ms. Sherry made for us!