A day to always remember

Hi there! It’s Lexi! So, the last post was when a whole bunch of people worked really hard to make BE KIND signs- we had my brother’s volleyball team come over and help paint signs and my cousins and friends and other parents and family!


The reason is because 9/11/ is important to my family so in remembrance and service for the people who served during the tragic time for any family that had a family member that served as a firefighter,police,and etc. I want to take you back to 9/11/2019 last Wednesday. There were 5 very large 4 foot by eight foot signs that went to 4 schools! The signs went to 2 elementary schools, my middle school, and both my brother’s high school- the west campus and main campus! The principals of the schools are AWESOME!!  They get it! They know that it’s really important! Students had the chance to sign their names and pledge to BE KIND. During our lunch time the whole school signed the big BE KIND signs. Guess what?  Our friend, Miss Gini the person who started the BE KIND signs came to my school to help us pass out the BE KIND signs that were smaller.  It was so special having her there!. There were so many people who donated materials like paint, lumber, markers, rollers, drop cloths! There were so many people who went to our schools to help out!  There were so many people who made the day special! Our friend Mr. Thompson from the news and Mr. Chris (the camera man) came to our school to help spread that KIND IS COOL It is a day I will never forget!  I hope it is a day no one EVER forgets! Wouldn’t it be so cool if every year on 9/11, we all work really hard to do something in honor of the brave people of 9/11? Wait a second, wouldn’t it be cool if we worked really hard to be kind EVERY day?!?!  Remember, KIND IS COOL!!


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Project Kind Signs

So…we are back at school! And, that means the Kind Kids Club is back in action. And,  boy are we starting out big. This Wednesday we are spreading the kindness through signs at school. Not just any signs, but signs made with love with materials donated by caring people from the community (thank you to all those who donated, you are making the world a nicer place!)

Over the weekend we had a group of people come together (students, parents, teachers) to make signs that we are able to pass out on 9/11. It was very encouraging to see other people doing kind things and helping out with a big project. We were able to work together and make 300 signs (whoa, that’s a lot of signs!!), plus 5 large signs to be delivered to schools in our area.

The plan is for the large signs to be signed by kids during their lunch period, and these signs will be displayed all year as a reminder to stay kind and treat people the way you would want to be treated. Please take a look at the pics to see the fun we had making our signs! And, maybe you could make some signs to pass out too!!