What A (Kind is) Cool Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Wow, do I have lots to tell you all. 🙂 You know how there are just some weekends that you will remember forever?!  I definitely had one!!!!  It has been so amazing to see all of the kindness!!



In the picture is my new friend, Ms. Gini, my Mom, brother, Aunt, Nana, Gigi, and my cousins.




I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ms. Stacie and Ms. Beth for sharing their BE KIND signs with me and for telling me about our new friend, Ms. Gini.  It’s because of their kindness that I got to meet Ms. Gini. She started the BE KIND signs.  We even had a chance to have lunch with her and get to know her.  She is so KIND!!  Really KIND!!  Ms. Gini even invited us to her house to paint some signs!  Here is the cool part – she gave us lots of signs to pass out!  That is what we have been doing!

MVIMG_20190818_131908.jpg                MVIMG_20190818_132314 (1).jpg

MVIMG_20190817_165013.jpg This is Mr. Thompson.  He is the super nice t.v. man who came to our school to do a story on The Kind Kids Club Soles for Souls shoe drive.  We had been wanting to give him a thank you gift and card and now we were able to give him a BE KIND sign, too!

When we were eating lunch with Ms. Gini we started to talk about some ideas that we have for school kindness projects for this year.  Well, it’s so cool to see when people share their ideas how we can make one really huge idea that is all about KINDNESS!!!!

I’ll give you a hint in these pictures. See ALL of this wood???

MVIMG_20190818_130140 (1).jpg


Wondering what we are going to do with it???  We will tell you soon! 🙂  Thanks Ms. Gini for the wood!


MVIMG_20190818_130638.jpg MVIMG_20190818_130731.jpg MVIMG_20190818_130658.jpg





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