What A (Kind is) Cool Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Wow, do I have lots to tell you all. 🙂 You know how there are just some weekends that you will remember forever?!  I definitely had one!!!!  It has been so amazing to see all of the kindness!!



In the picture is my new friend, Ms. Gini, my Mom, brother, Aunt, Nana, Gigi, and my cousins.




I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ms. Stacie and Ms. Beth for sharing their BE KIND signs with me and for telling me about our new friend, Ms. Gini.  It’s because of their kindness that I got to meet Ms. Gini. She started the BE KIND signs.  We even had a chance to have lunch with her and get to know her.  She is so KIND!!  Really KIND!!  Ms. Gini even invited us to her house to paint some signs!  Here is the cool part – she gave us lots of signs to pass out!  That is what we have been doing!

MVIMG_20190818_131908.jpg                MVIMG_20190818_132314 (1).jpg

MVIMG_20190817_165013.jpg This is Mr. Thompson.  He is the super nice t.v. man who came to our school to do a story on The Kind Kids Club Soles for Souls shoe drive.  We had been wanting to give him a thank you gift and card and now we were able to give him a BE KIND sign, too!

When we were eating lunch with Ms. Gini we started to talk about some ideas that we have for school kindness projects for this year.  Well, it’s so cool to see when people share their ideas how we can make one really huge idea that is all about KINDNESS!!!!

I’ll give you a hint in these pictures. See ALL of this wood???

MVIMG_20190818_130140 (1).jpg


Wondering what we are going to do with it???  We will tell you soon! 🙂  Thanks Ms. Gini for the wood!


MVIMG_20190818_130638.jpg MVIMG_20190818_130731.jpg MVIMG_20190818_130658.jpg





Be Kind Signs

Hi! It’s Lexi! Want to know something I absolutely love? Family time and exploring new things!!!!! I was able to enjoy both of those things this weekend. We went to WINTERGREEN with my parents, sister, brothers, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins!!!!! Me and my cousin even Face-Timed each other what we wanted to pack because on Sunday we were heading off to our first POLO match. I have NEVER been to one of those before and was super excited!! We went hiking, swimming, and exploring  on Sat.



On Sunday, it was our chance to get dressed up. #kingfamilyvineyards. It was so cool to see the horses and the “chukkers.”  I learned that is what you call the people on the horses playing the game. Everyone was so nice! Me and my cousin were asked to participate in the half-time game that was called the horse hopping contest. We got to go on a blow up horse and hop to the finish line! We didn’t win the free shirt and hat, but sure did have fun! 

MVIMG_20190811_150438.jpg  MVIMG_20190811_151541 (1).jpgMVIMG_20190811_141227.jpg  



Here is the great news!!!  My Mom and Dad saw a couple of people sitting near us watching the match. In their tent, they had  BE KIND signs hanging from their tent.  My mom went with me over to their tent and we started talking to them about their plaques and the Kind Kid Club. We found out that Ms. Beth went to the same elementary school, middle, and even high school as me and my brothers!!!! That is AWESOME!!  Ms. Stacey told us that a lady started making the signs to pass out near where I live. I hope to meet her one day! Ms. Stacey and Ms. Beth make these and pass out to people they meet.  That is so cool!

Ms. Stacey and Ms. Beth told me that people can make these signs and pass them on and inside of the big hearts people sign their initials and give them away. They said I can talk to my art teacher and see if we can maybe do the Be Kind art project at school.  This is a great project for YOUR school, too! Ms. Stacey and Ms. Beth were so nice and kind! Thank you both for my Be Kind plaques And REMEMBER Kind is Cool!!!!!!!!!!

MVIMG_20190811_152300.jpg           MVIMG_20190811_152020.jpg