Our School Assembly

WOW!!  It’s hard to believe how amazing our day at school went!  We had an assembly for Soles for Souls. Ms. Stephanie Hathaway from the Soles4Souls organization came and spoke to the whole school (yep, everyone in the school!) about where the shoes are going.


The Kind Kids Club met before school, and we set out all kinds of shoes that made a path for students to enter into the cafeteria where we were meeting.  Check out our KIND IS COOL shirts! We even gave one to our superintendent, Mr. Daughtery and he put it on right away!! Our music teacher had music playing and everyone was cheering. It felt so good to see everyone so happy.

We had our principal, assistant principal, superintendent and even the news there to see ALL OF THE SHOES!!  Kaiden and I can’t believe that our school, and community has collected over 1,000 pairs of shoes. Ms. Hathaway let us know that the 1000 pairs of shoes will help 17 families for a month.

Let’s get more…and more…and more shoes so that we can reach our new goal of 2,000 or more, and help 17 more families! Hope you enjoy all of the great pictures from our assembly! Thank you all so very much to all the people that brought in shoes and the people that helped pick up shoes. Thank you so very very much!!!!!!

…we have more pictures to add, so stay tuned!

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